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Yours and ours tourist agency, working for 20 years in Rovinj, organizing Your unforgettable holiday. Throughout our work, we are using on-line reservation sistem, and we offer the best of private accomodation for all destinations in Istria.

ROVINJ  is situated on the western coast of the peninsula and is most definitely one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in  Croatia.

What once used to be a fishing settlement and port has grown into a very modern and sprawling tourist destination, although its old spirit can still be felt in the air, which makes for a very nice mix of old and new. A truly beautiful coastline, dotted with many coves, capes and tiny islands.

The Mediterranean climate with real Mediterranean flora and fauna, exceptional gastro offerings, and on top all of that, you have very sympathetic and kind hosts. All of these ingredients make this a truly magical place to visit, and it will forever remain in your heart.